Tuesday, September 20, 2011

pop culture

Pop culture (short for popular culture) includes music, movies, gadgets, fashion, social networking sites (SNS), and other forms of amusement and communication that have mainstream popularity on a large scale. The aforementioned factors (music, movies, gadgets, SNS, others) are included in culture because they become a central part of daily life and personal needs.
Popular culture differs with individual needs, personal preferences, as well as one's ethnicity, age, and financial situation. For example, children would love Tom and Jerry, while adults would would like movies such as Avatar. SNS such as Facebook and Mixi, however, are popular with individuals of different ages. Smartphones, including the iPhone, happen to be widely popular with the middle-class, and are continuing to increase in popularity and use. Japanese people, regardless of age, would like Anime such as Doraemon and Naruto. In the United States, children as well as adults would like Dexter's Laboratory.  

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  1. One of the things I'm enjoying in reading blog posts such as yours is that i"ve getting exposed to all sorts of cool stuff I'd never heard about. This is the first for me to learn about Dexter's Lab.

    From the wikipedia entry, it looks pretty fantastic.

    Are there any episodes available online that you can recommend (or even embed in your blog post)?