Wednesday, November 30, 2011

final exam question

Viruses, Trojan horses, worms, and spyware are included in malware.  T/F


Malware (short for "malicious software") refers to programs designed to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, to destroy data, and to change the whole working of the system. Viruses fit into malware. They can be transmitted via the Internet including through e-mails. Other type of malware include Trojan horses, computer worms, and spyware.

Facebook and other SNS are targets for malware. The advertisements on the site cannot really be trusted as spyware can get installed on one's computer. Recently, in Japan, one company's system was attacked by virus. It came via an e-mail from someone who posed as the legitimate sender.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1 Quote a Day

"I believe people work for satisfaction. I believe it is a big mistake to think that money is the only way to compensate a person for his work." 

Hint: from the founder of Sony 

Google Translate Fail

Ryoko Sakka Chaya Jiro ( 旅行作家・茶屋次郎 ) is a famous mystery series occasionally aired on TV Tokyo.

I copied 旅行作家・茶屋次郎 and pasted it in Google Translate. The English translation was "Chaya travel writer Jiro"

I found this amusing because although all the words in the translation are correct, I was actually expecting to see "Travel Writer Chaya Jiro".

Wait a minute! I thought that Google Translate does word-for-word translation! Now, I think this translation is really funny because Ryoko ( 旅行 ) means "travel", Sakka ( 作家 ) means "writer" and Chaya Jiro ( 茶屋次郎 ) is Chaya Jiro, the writer's name.

So, the reason I find this translation very funny is that Google Translate did a very random translation instead of a word-for-word one that I was actually expecting it to do!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Google Maps Story

For this assignment, I chose Sapporo (capital of Hokkaido, which is the northernmost island of Japan) because I went there with my high school teachers and friends before graduation. We saw Sapporo City. It was very beautiful and different from Tokyo. The roads were broad and there was plenty of greenery. Sapporo is renowned for the Shiroi Koibito chocolate brand. Here is the map.

View Larger Map

The idea for this type of interesting assignment was submitted by David, who is also known as Mr. Thimble.

Following are the steps I used to embed the Google map.

1) I searched Sapporo Google map.

2) I clicked on the Link button (which is after the Get Directions, My Places, and is to the right-side of Print button) in the left-side panel. 

3) Then, I copied the HTML code to be embedded and pasted that code in the Edit HTML tab of the blog.

4) After pasting, I just clicked on the Compose tab.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Colorize Your World

As You can see, I chose my favorite cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry! I found this CC image from Flickr, and saved it as a Paint file.
How I changed the colors:
1) I clicked on the Color 1 box in the Home tab of the ribbon. Next to that are the Color 2 box and a list of colors to choose from.
2) I chose black from the list of colors.
3) Then from the Brushes box (with the down arrow) on the Home tab, I chose the first option (Brush).  
4) Using the Brush option, I colored both Tom and Jerry with black! (although not completely)
5) Then, I colored both white by clicking on the Color 1 box and choosing white from the list of colors.
6) When coloring white, I used the Calligraphy brush 1 and Calligraphy brush 2 options (from the Brushes box)
7) I colored their tongues red. To color using red, I clicked on the Color 1 box and chose red from the list of colors.
8) When coloring Tom's tongue, I used Calligraphy brush 2. For Jerry's tongue, I used Brush.   
This assignment was enjoyable and interesting. I also learned more about using Paint. There are indeed other ways of achieving this same result such as using only Brush to color their tongues and using only Brush to make those white spots. I did this assignment because many times, I tried to imagine how Tom and Jerry would look with just black and a few white spots instead of their respective colors, that is grey and brown.          

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Triple Troll Attack

The three individuals I had in mind when doing this assignment were Steve Jobs, Douglas Engelbart, and Peter Norton. They have made significant contributions to personal computing. The person in the image is Douglas Engelbart. The quote is actually from Steve Jobs, but is attributed to Peter Norton.  

This assignment was really enjoyable. I found an image of Douglas Engelbart. I saved it as a Paint file. Then, I clicked on the A (Home tab) for the text box. I placed the quote and the person's name in the text box. After saving the file, I uploaded it to Blogger. I used black for the font color of the quote because I thought it would look good on a grey background (the wall in the background), and used blue for person's name hoping to add some color to the black-and-white image.