Sunday, November 27, 2011

Google Maps Story

For this assignment, I chose Sapporo (capital of Hokkaido, which is the northernmost island of Japan) because I went there with my high school teachers and friends before graduation. We saw Sapporo City. It was very beautiful and different from Tokyo. The roads were broad and there was plenty of greenery. Sapporo is renowned for the Shiroi Koibito chocolate brand. Here is the map.

View Larger Map

The idea for this type of interesting assignment was submitted by David, who is also known as Mr. Thimble.

Following are the steps I used to embed the Google map.

1) I searched Sapporo Google map.

2) I clicked on the Link button (which is after the Get Directions, My Places, and is to the right-side of Print button) in the left-side panel. 

3) Then, I copied the HTML code to be embedded and pasted that code in the Edit HTML tab of the blog.

4) After pasting, I just clicked on the Compose tab.


  1. Hey, Manish, you should add who initially submitted this assignment in ds106 ;)

  2. @Avalos_TUJ

    hey Walter! Thank U so much for Ur comment.

    What U see after the 1st para (incl. the map) is the modified version of this post which incorporates Ur suggestion.