Thursday, November 24, 2011

Colorize Your World

As You can see, I chose my favorite cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry! I found this CC image from Flickr, and saved it as a Paint file.
How I changed the colors:
1) I clicked on the Color 1 box in the Home tab of the ribbon. Next to that are the Color 2 box and a list of colors to choose from.
2) I chose black from the list of colors.
3) Then from the Brushes box (with the down arrow) on the Home tab, I chose the first option (Brush).  
4) Using the Brush option, I colored both Tom and Jerry with black! (although not completely)
5) Then, I colored both white by clicking on the Color 1 box and choosing white from the list of colors.
6) When coloring white, I used the Calligraphy brush 1 and Calligraphy brush 2 options (from the Brushes box)
7) I colored their tongues red. To color using red, I clicked on the Color 1 box and chose red from the list of colors.
8) When coloring Tom's tongue, I used Calligraphy brush 2. For Jerry's tongue, I used Brush.   
This assignment was enjoyable and interesting. I also learned more about using Paint. There are indeed other ways of achieving this same result such as using only Brush to color their tongues and using only Brush to make those white spots. I did this assignment because many times, I tried to imagine how Tom and Jerry would look with just black and a few white spots instead of their respective colors, that is grey and brown.          

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