Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Google Translate Fail

Ryoko Sakka Chaya Jiro ( 旅行作家・茶屋次郎 ) is a famous mystery series occasionally aired on TV Tokyo.

I copied 旅行作家・茶屋次郎 and pasted it in Google Translate. The English translation was "Chaya travel writer Jiro"

I found this amusing because although all the words in the translation are correct, I was actually expecting to see "Travel Writer Chaya Jiro".

Wait a minute! I thought that Google Translate does word-for-word translation! Now, I think this translation is really funny because Ryoko ( 旅行 ) means "travel", Sakka ( 作家 ) means "writer" and Chaya Jiro ( 茶屋次郎 ) is Chaya Jiro, the writer's name.

So, the reason I find this translation very funny is that Google Translate did a very random translation instead of a word-for-word one that I was actually expecting it to do!

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