Monday, October 31, 2011

Response to "We Are All Artists"

In the blogpost titled "We Are All Artists", Tim Owen (pen name "Timmmmyboy") discusses his understanding of the arts and creativity. As per the title of his blogpost, he believes that every one of us is an artist.

Timmmmyboy discusses some important ideas related to creativity. Some of his main ideas are that creativity is not inherited and that practice improves and makes perfect. This is because one learns to be an artist (for example) and because artists (particularly designers) work diligently on designs and to ensure that aesthetics and functionality coexist with each other. His other idea that practice improves and makes perfect holds true because beautiful works of art and beautiful designs are beautiful because the artists (painters and designers, respectively) worked diligently until they could master every small, minute detail.   

Another important idea he holds is that one is creative in difficult and uncomfortable situations. Basically, creativity is about finding an extraordinary solution to daily problems, and about finding novel approaches to deal with everyday situations. 

I personally feel that desire and need are the keys to creativity. That is the desire and need to find new and rather extraordinary solutions. Furthermore, I feel that, in a sense, we are artists because of our expressive abilities. However, we are not always artists. This is because creativity is an important key to being an artist. We are creative when we want to find solutions. Perhaps, it can be said that we are all artists especially when we want to find solutions. 

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